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Clear Wave

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Clear Wave

Use Clear Wave app for your phone comfort and dynamics cleaning. Get to know how to remove the dust and water from your speaker

Clear Wave is a new generation app that cleans dynamics from the dust or liquids.

Make sure you downloaded it on your phone, as there are just a few analogs on the market.

Easy, fast, and intuitive, it helps out instantly with the help of ultra low frequency sound.

The Pros of Clear Wave

Clear Wave is modern developers’ innovation called to make users’ daily tasks easier.

It is really close to its target audience and focused on their common needs.

We are working with the sound continuously, from watching videos to urgent work processes.

Without Clear Wave, it would be impossible to proceed and find a solution when dynamics are clogged.

  • Simplicity
  • All ages friendly
  • Super powerful
  • 99% of positive responses
  • Unique and fresh

Regardless of your problem, Clear Wave solves it. Make your dynamics clean and get a 2-3 times louder sound immediately.

It is neat, easy to use, and understandable to either a teen or a senior. There’s nothing complicated anymore in your phone sound improving.

What Clear Wave does

The app does more than expected! It is clearly seen from users’ reviews.

Not just water and regular dust, but also all the garbage we are routinely contacting with.

Get rid of it with Clear Wave, let your phone dynamic breath freely and feel like new again.

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Beer
  • Crumbs
  • Dirt

Some users are surprised by what has fallen out from the dynamics. Relieve yours as well.

The effectiveness of Clear Wave isn’t just limited by this list, it can go on and on.

Find out how exactly you help your phone dynamics with this popular app.

Why chose Clear Wave

There are nearly no analog apps that would clean the dynamics and this way, improve the sound.

It is efficient on several types of gadgets such as tablets, laptops, headphones, or clock, not just on smart phones.

Speaker testing and volume regulating are ones of extra options, and users report them to be convenient.

The app’s neat logo and interface, thousands of positive reviews, and ultra simplicity make it so loved.

Clear Wave best features

Water ejection is the shortest description of what Clear Wave does, but there’s more to discover.

It indeed covers many expectations and helps people use their gadgets dynamics more productively.

  • Volume booster
  • Voice recorder
  • Boost sound
  • Decibel Meter

With the last option, you are going to learn whether noice around you is considered harmful.

Test it out when you’re at home or in the office. Clear Wave will help you detect sources of extra noice.

What is the Clear Wave principle

For being effective, Clear Wave uses special sound of the extra high frequency.

Experiments with non-Newtonian fluids have shown how powerful the sound can be.

A similar technology is used in water ejecting apps for the phone dynamics.

Very low sound creates a mechanic vibration powerful enough to remove little particles of garbage or water.

Often, users didn’t even realize their dynamics were any wet inside. But liquids do go out.

Just install Clear Wave, initiate the ejection, and wait. Your dynamics may have needed that cleaning for a long time.

The don’ts and warnings

It is important to realize the app limits and things to avoid while using it.

Clear Wave does not eject water from your phone or other devices.

It works with dynamics and a speaker only.

Do not run the app when your device is heavily damaged and needs professional repair.

Do not misuse it when you have an active phone call or other apps with audio and speaker on.

Do not keep your device dynamics close to your ear when the ejecting process is on.

The Clear Wave technology is the most harmless when used with a common sense.

How does the app affect me

Clear Wave cares both about devices and users’ comfort.

It is proven the quality of the sound affects our everyday activities a lot.

When we work, the noise can be distracting, and it should be excluded when we sleep.

The Decibel Meter feature assists you in building healthy environment around you by measuring the noise degree.

While clean speakers and dynamics are crucial for business and personal communication.

With Clear Wave and all its options, you can make sure you are heard well and other people’s words are understood correctly.

Who is Clear Wave for

High-school and college teens are the most frequent users of Clear Wave.

The app is simply the best way to quickly avoid bad surprises when dynamics got wet or dusty.

Regardless of the reason that caused that, it’ll be cleaned out without consequences.

And that is what one needs when comes back home with his device from some adventure.

Sportsmen and people of the active lifestyle in their 30s are another category that uses Clear Wave a lot.

They need to stay mobile and comforted among any challenges, and this app is their greatest assistant.

The third category using Clear Way intensively are senior people. Help your older folks to optimize their device as well.

Is Clear Way a number one app for water eject

The app technology is fully innovative and permitted by all institutions.

Clear Way is certainly in the Top 3 of sound improving apps, thanks to its unique approach.

Other apps do one thing, boost the volume or analyze the noise around. But they do not do all things at once.

While Clear Way is a universal sound healer that improves it in many directions.

There’s no need to install several apps on your device and have a mess there. Clear Way is enough.

Both its audience and a number of users’ responses keep on skyrocketing.

Chances are big that when you install it too, Clear Way will already be an official leader in the market.

When is Clear Way used the most

The app is greatly useful throughout all seasons.

It cleans your dynamics from sea water in summer, from the snow in winter, and from the rain moist in spring or fall.

If mostly used at home, your device dynamics and a speaker may still suffer from the finest dust or fungus.

If you have a habit of eating in front of your screen, make sure to clean the dynamics at least once a week.

Think of that as of the anti-bacteria and infections prevention measure, too.

When not noticed, a problem may get more severe, and Clear Way is your assistant number one in that.

Is Clear Wave safe for me

Like all approved apps, Clear Wave is totally safe and fine. Developers put extra effort to ensure that.

The sound that cleans the dynamics, is special and powerful but harmless. Do not keep it close to your ear during the ejection process, in case of doubts.

The app doesn’t require a lot of space on your device. It isn’t glitchy or buggy.

Users never report the app freezing or affecting the device work negatively. It’s light and very comfy.

Clear Wave is one of a few apps completely teen-friendly and not demanding any parental control.

There’s no wrong content or over-complicated features, all is clear and transparent.

Should I use Clear Wave regularly

There are apps like cash cleaners that should be used frequently.

Clear Wave is like that as well. Everyone knows better whether his environment is dusty or wet.

Sportsmen, youngsters, and freelancers working from home report to use it several times a week.

While people of calm professions and hobbies, with moderately active lifestyle use it twice a month.

What matters is your decision to take care of your phone dynamics and other gadgets. The schedule is up to you.

Why is Clear Wave important

Such apps assistants are created for our comforted living. They prevent the issues we do not even realize.

Users’ eyes should be protected with special screens and eyedrops, but the same comes to our hearing.

It matters to stay aware and use only qualitative gadgets and equipment. But cleaning is vital too.

It improves your communication online and during phone calls, helps you establish important connections.

It’s also crucial to take care of your ears safety. When the sound isn’t worsened, you benefit from that.

Clear sounds and the absence of noise matter to our ears a lot, and we shouldn’t underestimate that.

Can I share Clear Wave with others

This is a progressive app that one can share with family members.

Learn more about a Family library on Play Market. The access can be given to any person from your group.

No private data is stored by the app, so it’s safe to share with others.

Clear Wave keeps it protected and doesn’t collect any particular info from members.

One can be sure his signing up data, model of the phone or any other information aren’t stored.

Why is Clear Wave cool

Awareness defines our lifestyle and healthy habits. Clear Wave is on your side in that.

Non-aware users do not care at all about their hearing, while progressive ones do.

By raising our quality of life and daily activities, we get healthier and happier.

Clear Wave combines several features and functions for following this important aim.

It’s a true remote assistant taking care of your well-being and extra comfort.

By cleaning your dynamics and a speaker regularly, you are getting more modern and aware.

How do I clean my other devices

Clear Wave can clean many kinds of gadgets like a tablet, a laptop, a clock, or any device connected to your phone.

So, make sure you did that and your headphones, bigger dynamics, or other equipment is well connected.

Start noise diagnosing or water ejecting right away. After the process is complete, disconnect devices if needed.

It is recommended to use all offered features in turn, Volume Booster, Boost Sound, and others. It strengthens the effect.

Clear Wave is updated frequently, so new options can be added. Follow the updates and enjoy them too.

What is Clear Wave algorithm

The Clear Wave system of special sounds and vibrations is unique and doesn’t repeat others’ technologies.

They remove the unnecessary particles most softly yet productively. Nothing more could be done even by manual opening the dynamics.

Vibrations and sounds used by the developer are safe and harmless even for a child, if under the adult’s guidance.

The algorithm is effective indeed, and might be improved even further.

This particular type of vibrations doesn’t harm the hearing or dynamics. On the opposite, vibrating sound are known to be calming.

Should I delete Clear Wave after use

Many perceive water ejecting apps one-time platforms, but it’s not so. You don’t have to remove Clear Wave.

It doesn’t require a lot of space, but it can be in use at any moment.

As a rule, Clear Wave is needed in extreme situations like beach ball playing or hiking.

Exactly when there’s no time to install new apps or seek new solutions.

So, it’s simply more convenient and reasonable to have Clear Wave with you any time.

Why recommend Clear Wave

The majority of users who have tried Clear Wave at least once, chose to leave a positive review.

It already says a lot and encourages to recommend the app to your buddies or relatives.

It’s so easy to install and start using, but can be life-saving for people’s dynamics.

Often, when in-time help isn’t provided, devices keep on causing problems in use and eventually stop working.

The apps like Clear Wave are a kind of pocket pharmacee for one’s gadgets.

The sooner one starts to use it, the more profound this help will be for our daily assets. 

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1 year ago

I use Clear Wave every day and couldn't be happier with its performance.

"it's free"


1 year ago

Once you try Clear Wave, you'll never want to go back to regular faucets.



1 year ago

This app has transformed the way I use water and has made me more water-conscious.

"Water Eject"


1 year ago

Great for adjusting the water pressure on the fly.



1 year ago

Recommended to anyone who wants to be more mindful of water usage.

"free and best"


1 year ago

Very intuitive controls and the ability to customize settings

"i like!"


1 year ago

This app helps me conserve water and save money on utility bills.

"best thanks"


1 year ago

Clear Wave - Water Eject app is a great help in managing water usage.

"Clear Wave"


1 year ago

I never thought I needed this app until I tried it. Now I can't live without it!



1 year ago

Game-changing app that makes water flow control effortless.

"Like this app"


1 year ago

Super handy for controlling water when you're cooking or baking.

"great app thanks"


1 year ago

Really useful app that has made washing up less of a chore.

"best for users"


1 year ago

The ultimate water controlling app, perfect for businesses too.



1 year ago

Simple and effective, a must-have for everyone who uses water.



1 year ago

Easy to use, does what it says it does.

"Best app to remove water from phone"


1 year ago

This app is a life saver for the busy folks who need to multitask.

"great app"


1 year ago

Great for washing dishes, cleaning up spills or watering plants.

"Iphone eject water best!"


1 year ago

Nice, clean interface with simple controls for water flow.

"Water eject"


1 year ago

Clear Wave makes water flow control easier than ever.

"Best app"


1 year ago

Amazing app, it lets you control water flow with just a swipe!

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