AppLock - Lock Screen Patterns

AppLock - Lock Screen Patterns

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AppLock - Lock Screen Patterns

Extra phone protection with AppLock is now available. Hide your favorite apps icons and create secretive folders with codes

The best way to make your gadget’s screen more entertaining is to customize it. There are platforms assisting you in that, and AppLock is among the necessary ones as well.

Make sure you have it on your phone and tablet, so that your days are getting brighter and your mood goes up. Boring icons is something you can easily change.

What is AppLock

Everyone needs an app that would make a difference.

AppLock helps you create brand new shortcuts and make them look exactly as you want.

Colors, designs, patterns, and titles are all at your disposal. Create the new look the way you desire.

Buttons on your screen can be fun, and more clickable. The most modern styles are now available.

Even if you’re picky and it’s hard to please you visually, worry not. AppLock is created for selective and creative folks.

Once you install it, you can start enjoying the updated look of your gadget screen, and modify it many times a day.

The AppLock Features

New options are added frequently. AppLock is going to surprise you a lot while using it.

For now, the following features are at avail.

  • Icon skins, unique and changeable
  • Styles themes, ready ones and created by user
  • Icons’ names
  • Customized home screens, wide range

The apps you use, can be hidden or screened from others’ view by making their icons half-transparent or small. It’s up to your imagination.

Not just with the purpose of safety and anonymity, but also for the sake of fun pranks or entertainment, take some time in AppLock to customize your stuff.

Who is AppLock for

Although mostly used by teens and youngsters, AppLock is literally for all categories of users.

For businessmen who hate the mess on their phone screen, it has many neutral and minimalistic styles to offer.

While hipsters and ultra modern urban folks may find their own trendy niche with AppLock patterns and symbols.

Regardless of the particular culture or subculture one represents, he might have a surprisingly big choice of options on AppLock.

It is equally useful for seniors and older personals easily tired of gadgets. There are higher resolution and more comforting styles for them.

When do I need AppLock

There are many cases when users reported running AppLock once they purchase a new phone or tablet. Trendy app skins add a lot of freshness and excitement to this event.

But the app is great in the opposite case too, when one got bored to see the same style or theme on his old phone.

Office bees are known to apply cold metallic styles when they’re at work, and turn to juicy ones throughout the weekend.

When one presents a gadget to his darlings, it makes sense to set up AppLock on it from the start. Then a person is going to have way more variety.

One of the original gifts for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries is to personalize and customize the styles and skins on your mate’s screen. AppLock is perfect for that.

On the opposite, if you have what to hide like adult and explicit apps, simply mask them with cute and innocent skins from the gallery.

Can I protect my apps with AppLock

One of the AppLock functions is to lock each app icon you want to protect.

Then no one else will be able to unlock and use them, just you. New users report they highly enjoy this option.

It is currently updated and improved, so the level of protection is pretty high and decent.

Your apps are additionally protected when you’re surrounded by co-workers, relatives, or children.

Whether it’s something explicit or simply private, with AppLock, you shouldn’t worry anymore.

Combine it with other protecting apps if needed, and no one will ever break your personal space.

What screen lock patterns do I use

There is such an endless variety of patterns one can use for locking his phone screen.

AppLock would suggest you creative options easy to remember yet hard to guess. See why it matters.

  • Most people use only 4 or 5 nodes, although it is recommended to include more of them to the pattern.
  • The absolute majority starts their pattern from one of the corners, while it’s too easy to predict.
  • At least 10% of self-chosen patterns are super predictable, like the first letter of our mate’s name.

Platforms like AppLock are crucial as they make our patterns less recognizable for others.

New ideas and suggestions are waiting for you, and that’s another reason to use AppLock.

What can AppLock do

Plus to its multiple entertaining and comforting features, such as styles and skins switch, AppLock is going to offer much more tools soon.

One shall be able to extra protect his privacy in so many ways, from social network accounts to photos and videos stored on the device.

Even our friends and closest people can be hovering and tactless when it comes to our phone’s content. Make sure those issues never take place.

AppLock is your reliable guardian and also a personal designer for your gadget. It is really vital for modern folks.

How does AppLock work

The app is super intuitive and user-friendly. There is a brief tutorial, but anyone can manage using AppLock for the first time.

  • Create custom icon
  • Hide your photos or chat
  • Custom icon pack
  • Lock screen patterns

While for someone it’s just amusing, other users get focused on privacy.

It doesn’t make AppLock the adultery application like some claim, but it makes couples’ life more peaceful for sure.

The cons of AppLock

Some want to turn AppLock to a kind of social network or games pack with multiple functions.

It can be done with time, but for now AppLock does its main job well and protects users’ files under new skins.

There are no safety issues at all, and it is well seen through the positive comments and reviews.

The recommended age range is 4+ which means the app is intuitive and simple enough, but parental control is surely needed.

For now, there are no considerable bugs or glitches, and minor ones were already corrected.

Can I hide my photos on AppLock

Photos, videos, and other types of files can be hidden on AppLock with the help of customized folders and PIN codes.

Not just hiding, but also sharing those images and documents is available in case you have a special buddy to show them to.

It’s not obligatory explicit content or anything forbidden. Often, those are business files or bank info.

Some report to store serious stuff there like Bitcoin passwords or secret phone numbers.

Regardless of your aim and situation, you can trust AppLock and enjoy it, at the same time.

Is AppLock better than similar apps

In a way, AppLock has no competitors in the market since it combines very various features and does it perfectly.

With 300+ positive ratings and reviews for now, AppLock surely promises to considerably grow in near future.

It is super affordable, adds new patterns regularly, and constantly works on newer options.

AppLock is called one of the most promising and surprising apps of this decade. So, more is coming.

A new generation safety app

Regardless of the progressive and trendy phone models we use, or our thorough preoccupation, we still need extra security measures at this period of time.

In the era of transparency and digital data, any fraudulent person can misuse our files and blackmail us.

It never happens if your AppLock is assisting you already. Enforced protection is its strong side.

No matter how we trust our friends, spouses, or colleagues, things can happen.

Even the most attached to each other personals still prefer signing contracts and keeping healthy distance.

So, distance yourself and your VIP files from your surrounding, and get in tune with modern times.

What kind of apps should I hide

The very first thing people hide is messengers. Not obligatory adult stuff but just any confidential information.

If you aren’t sure how reliable folks around you are, simply install AppLock and change the app skins. Add passwords to be get more confidence.

Children surely hide games, teens hide personal pics, and mature persons really care about their business talks.

The scans of documents, electronic certificates, bank receipts, and anything you consider urgent or important, can be covered with the help of AppLock.

Is AppLock good for me

Special safety applications like AppLock help get real and mature about how the world really is.

Underage users also learn what safety is and why it is necessary in our society.

Safety has nothing to do with trust issues, it’s just a necessary element of social co-existing in virtual space.

AppLock is very reassuring and calming, with its one hundred percent stability and reliability.

It differs AppLock from the analog applications that can be pretty weak and discouraging.

Generally saying, AppLock is very good for everyone who uses it, and meets all expectations.

Where is AppLock popular

This great application beats all records of popularity in the US and Germany. Then comes Canada, UK, Australia, France, and Russia.

By statistics, AppLock has unique rating where 5 stars seriously prevail.

It is highly recommended to use when in crowded public places like colleges or corporations.

Still, let’s not forget the entertaining part allowing to recommend it to literally any person seeking some visual changes.

The screen and styles refreshment is something we may need when feeling down or overworked.

AppLock has been developed with the utmost care of its audience, so it’s your coolest virtual emergency.

When isn’t AppLock recommended

Reasonable changes only make sense when they are efficient and well-grounded.

Do not misuse or overuse safety apps, otherwise, they turn to be paranoid tools.

Too young, senior, or very occupied folks may forget the passwords or the folders content.

Instead of creating a mess on your screen, use AppLock wisely and only when needed.

Hiding totally everything can look suspicious to others too. Do not overdo things.

If you can leave some of the content open for view and discuss it with your mate or your boss, do that. Negotiations can have better impact than complete mistrust.

What to expect from AppLock

With this particular developer, only the highest quality is expected and provided.

No bad surprises or drama, no time waste, just profit and satisfaction.

It’s up to you in which areas and fields to use AppLock, the outcome is still awesome.

Combine it with other protection measures in order to get ultra effect.

With AppLock, your data is safe, and no misuse or blackmailing are possible.

The app doesn’t store or steal users’ info, on the opposite, it makes sure not to touch it in any way.

Discuss with friends how great your experience was, and make your days brighter with new skins or ideas.

How much personalized AppLock is

There are no limits to your imagination. If you just want some kind of lockbox, apply ready solutions the app offers.

And if you want customize the app icons and screen style with particular images chosen by you, take them from the gallery and get creative.

You can be sure that new patterns and themes will be added every now and then, for the pickiest users.

So, personalize your screen to the fullest or leave it neutral, but enjoy protection boost as the main AppLock advantage. 

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